Gold awards galore for students in national maths competition

Gold awards galore for students in national maths competition

4 March 2024

Miss Victoria Anderson, Teacher of Mathematics

Very well done to the eight students who achieved gold awards in this year’s UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. Peach C, Year 9, Rosalia S, Year 10, and Year 11 students Livvy B, Mingyue M, Caitlin J, Lilico U, Sally W and Jovie W should all be very proud of their achievement in this demanding challenge. The competition doesn’t stop here as many of them have been invited to take part in the Kangaroo follow on round and Rosalia in the Hamilton round, based on their excellent marks.

To pit your wits against our mathematicians, why not test yourself against just one of the 25 questions they answered in one hour at the end of January:

When a cube is cut into two pieces with a single plane cut, two polyhedra are obtained. Which of these polyhedra cannot be obtained in this way?

A A polyhedron with 4 faces

B A polyhedron with 5 faces

C A polyhedron with 6 faces

D A polyhedron with 7 faces

E A polyhedron with 8 faces

To discover if you’re right – and to tackle 24 more tricky questions – click here.

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