Learning for Life

At Woldingham, we believe in learning not just for exams, but for life. We want each of our girls to be able to thrive as an individual, reaching their goals through a balanced, healthy and mindful approach. Our commitment to this can be seen in our THRIVE programme delivered week in, week out.

A learner who can face change with flexibility, who can meet failure with resilience and who can manage their own busy lives calmly, is a learner who will be achieving in every facet of their life to their full potential. Not only that, but they will be happy too. And in this increasingly competitive, ever-pressured world, the importance of our girls’ happiness cannot be under-estimated.

As such, the development of study skills at Woldingham is interwoven with character education, focusing on the importance of well-being and a rich, diverse and challenging programme of self-reflection and growth.

Learning for all

The development of study skills and life learning should not just be for those who are sitting public exams. From the youngest Year 7 to the highest achieving U6 leaver, each of our pupils will be encouraged to develop the ways in which they learn, think and feel as part of a whole-school initiative, building on their strengths and working on their weaknesses from year to year.

Central to our philosophy is our Whole School THRIVE day, held annually, when everybody in the school, teachers and pupils alike, downs tools to focus on how we learn.

Learning through faith

Woldingham is a Sacred Heart School and the THRIVE programme is closely linked to the goals of the Sacred Heart: Faith, Community, Intellect, Personal Growth and Social Awareness.  Whatever faith our individual girls hold, or if they hold none at all, we believe that these goals are intrinsic to the development of character and the cohesion of our community, and they are the bedrock of all that we aim to do as a school.

Thrive Booklet