My name is Sorcha and I’m a Year 7 flexi-boarder.

When I first started here at Woldingham, I was nervous because it was so big and I wondered how I would ever find my way around, but not long after I started, I realised that when you are lost there is always someone to point you in the right direction.

Although I am aiming to be an A student at Woldingham, my first few weeks here have been all about Bs…….

• B for Boarding and Breakfast
I’m a flexi-boarder which means I board every Wednesday.
It’s a great way to meet new girls and a great experience. Also the breakfast here is delicious….much better than at home!

• B for Bus
Every day I take the school bus to and from school. I really enjoy the independence of travelling by bus and have made lots of new friends along the way

• B for Buddies
Each of you will get a buddy from Year 8. Buddies help you settle in. They are basically your guardian angel. If you are worried about making friends, don’t be! Because once you’ve started here you will all make lots of new buddies.

• B for Barat
I am in Barat which is one of the four Houses. The other houses are Stuart, Digby and Duchesne.
At the start of every school year there is a House Festival. The day is filled with drama, acting and a bit of gymnastics.
Also, being dressed in bin bags for the fashion show!
It is a great opportunity to meet girls from different years and is a really fun day (even though Barat lost this year to Stuart).

• And finally B for Brilliant Teachers
I’m in a small tutor group with six other Year 7s and five year 8s. My tutor has been really helpful explaining our timetable and where we need to be, although sometimes we still get lost.
All the other teachers have also been very encouraging but that doesn’t mean we get away with no homework!