Woldingham is a lively, busy and happy place.  Delivering outstanding pastoral care underpins everything that we do in our community; as everyone knows, if you feel happy and secure in your environment then you will thrive.

Our aim is to realise the potential for every individual girl and the entire staff is dedicated to providing loving care and support to our girls. Each girl will spend a significant amount of time with her Tutor and Year teams and will get to know them well, and there are many other staff who will be part of her life with us.

Woldingham is a family which nurtures respect for self, respect for each other and for the environment we live in. We are a community which promotes team spirit and builds friendships which last a lifetime.

Girls at Woldingham live amongst their own year group.  The Year system ensures that Pastoral staff are keenly aware of the social and academic issues pertinent to their specific year group. Within each Year group, Boarders and Day girls are assigned to one of the four House Tutor groups, so whilst they live and learn together amongst their own age group, they also have the opportunity to compete, celebrate and play together with members of their House throughout the school.