The following schedule of fees will be in place for the academic year 2020-2021.

Years 7 and 8

Termly boarding fee: £12,045

Termly day (tuition) fee: £7,315


Years 9 to Upper Sixth

Termly boarding fee: £13,110

Termly day (tuition) fee: £7,970


Sixth Form Entry

In addition, fees for direct entry into the Sixth Form will carry a premium of £500 per term for boarders and £250 per term for day pupils for 2020-2021.


Acceptance Deposit

An Acceptance Deposit for 2020-2021 is payable when parents accept the offer of a place at the school.

Boarders: £2,000

Day: £1,000


Additional Overseas Acceptance Deposit

There is an additional overseas acceptance deposit in the case of a pupil whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom.

Boarders: £11,000


Flexi-boarding Charges

The flexi-boarding charge for 2020-2021 is £64 per night, for a maximum of two nights per week.


Extra Charges

Extra charges are supplemental to items met by the fees. These may be incurred for:

  • School uniform
  • Extra-curricular activities or educational trips and visits
  • Instrument tuition/hire
  • Day student transport
  • Guardians (mandatory for overseas students)
  • Examination fees
  • Any equipment supplied and certain course materials
  • Photographs and other items ordered by the parents or the pupil

Parental agreement to all extra-curricular activities exceeding £50 will be sought.


School Banking Details

BANK: Barclays Bank, Croydon Business Centre, PO Box 95, 1 North End Croydon, Surrey CR9 1RN, United Kingdom

Account Name: Woldingham School

Account Number: 80809381

Sort Code: 20-24-87

IBAN: GB84 BARC 202487 808093 81



Woldingham Parents and Staff Association

A mandatory termly charge of £5 is levied on each school bill in support of the Woldingham Parents and Staff Association (WPSA).


Old Girls’ Association

Most Woldingham School leavers elect to join the Woldingham Sacred Heart Alumnae (Old Girls’ Association). The Membership Fee is £150 a term for one year only (a total of £450) at the time the pupil enters the school. This sum will be added to the termly bills during the first year at school, unless the Financial Controller is specifically instructed to the contrary.