In recognition of our important legacy as a Sacred Heart school, Woldingham School remains committed to broadening access by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of day fees. Bursary awards are reviewed annually and may vary depending on the outcome of the review.

Bursaries are for girls who will flourish at Woldingham. To be eligible for a bursary, girls must demonstrate strong academic potential, contribute to, and benefit from, the many opportunities offered by the school and whose family’s financial circumstances would otherwise make attending Woldingham School impossible.

We are committed to expanding the number of bursaries we offer through the Woldingham School Foundation and have an active fundraising programme. We usually receive many more applications for bursaries than we can support. The review of bursary applications takes into account a wide range of considerations. Bursary awards can be up to 100% of day school fees. Some bursary support is dedicated to girls who apply to Woldingham from local state schools.

Bursaries are usually awarded to girls joining in Year 7 and typically continue through to the end of Sixth Form. Girls can apply for a scholarship and a bursary. Scholarships are not means-tested.

For an informal discussion about bursaries at Woldingham, please contact the admissions team on +44 (0)1883 654206 or email registrar@woldinghamschool.co.uk

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Changes in situation

A family’s financial circumstances can change suddenly, through events like ill health or bereavement. In cases where there are genuine exceptional circumstances, and where a registration for entry to Woldingham is in progress, parents/guardians should contact the Director of Finance & Operations who will consider whether a late bursary application can be accepted.

Families of current girls whose financial circumstances change should contact the Director of Finance & Operations for a discussion.

Contact: Mr Danny Neely, Director of Finance & Operations

Changes in situation

Bursary Application Process 2021



Complete a Registration Form by 2 October 2020 and tick the box expressing your interest in receiving information about bursaries.


Fill in Bursary Form

Families who have expressed an interest in a bursary will be sent details of how to apply. The bursary form is required to establish the detailed financial circumstances of the household.


Submit Application

The deadline for bursary applications is 2 November 2020. Families are urged to submit a fully completed application at the earliest opportunity. Incomplete forms will not be considered.



Decision letters will be sent from the Director of Finance & Operations by email and/or post by 1 February 2021.



We offer the following scholarships:

11+: All-Rounder, Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Performing Arts and Sport. There is a ‘Local Girl’ Scholarship for a pupil at a local, maintained primary school.

13+: All-Rounder, Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport.

16+: Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Science and Sport.

It is intended that a scholarship award will be applicable for a student’s entire education at Woldingham, conditional upon the maintenance of expected standards of behaviour, attendance, performance and effort. Progress is monitored by teachers and the School Leadership Team. We believe in two-way communication and commit to meeting with scholars on a regular basis and stretching their talents. Scholarships are not means-tested.

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