Most of the girls who join Woldingham are from families with English as a first language. However, in addition to these, we also welcome some girls into the school for whom English is an additional language. Our overseas pupils achieve good results and quickly become part of the school community.

Overseas students do an assessment test before and after they arrive in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the use of English. This helps us to determine whether they require EAL lessons and to assign them a class according to ability and/or particular needs. Students who require EAL lessons usually take one less subject in our normal curriculum in Years 7-11.

Most of our overseas students stay on to take GCSE/IGCSE and A level examinations but a few are short-stay students, and they are usually prepared for the Cambridge Examinations – either PET, FCE or CAE according to their ability in English. Most Sixth Form students for whom English is not a first language are prepared for IELTS examinations, as this qualification is an essential requirement for entry to UK universities.