At Woldingham we believe that a close, honest and mutually supportive relationship with parents is vital to the wellbeing and academic success of our students. In addition to our normal reporting process, we encourage a culture of open and frequent communication between parents and staff.

As a parent your first and main point of contact is the Head of Year, who has oversight of the academic and pastoral wellbeing of all the girls in any year group. The Head of Year can then liaise with the relevant members of staff on your behalf. We always encourage parents to contact us with any concern, however small, and we are always available for face-to-face meetings.

Every girl’s academic progress (alongside her pastoral wellbeing) is tracked and monitored by her tutor and Head of Year.  This is supported by methods such as baseline tests and data analysis, but at its heart is the personal relationship of support and understanding between every girl and her tutor and Head of Year.

In the Sixth Form girls are assigned to a tutor who shares their particular academic focus. This system greatly increases the ability of each tutor to help students with their learning and with higher education guidance and references.