Our Catholic ethos enables us to create a lively Christian community, in which girls and staff care for and respect one another, valuing each other’s contribution and forging relationships which last a lifetime.

Our school provides for the religious and spiritual development of all its students. Students are given time and space for personal reflection, they gather together for group and private prayer, the community gathers together to celebrate the Eucharist and assemblies are used to raise issues of importance so that the girls can place their own lives in the context of the wider society in which they live and work.

Woldingham School was founded in 1842 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, with a legacy of Sacred Heart principles and values. These values focus on:

Goal 1: Personal and Active Faith

Rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, our schools foster the spiritual life of its members. They seek to create an atmosphere where the attitudes of the open Heart of Jesus are reflected in all: attitudes of respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity.

Goal 2: Intellectual Values

Our schools foster in each person a love of learning. The education provided is creative, rigorous, challenging and promotes critical thinking. All members of the community are given opportunities to progress, to flourish and to develop their gifts and talents.

Goal 3: Social Awareness

Bringing all the Goals together, we prioritise Social Awareness that impels to action. this gives our whole school community the tools, knowledge, values and opportunities to learn how to address injustice, conflict resolution and environmental issues, thus becoming agents of change.

Goal 4: Community

At the heart of life in a Sacred Heart school are activities which promote sense of community. Our heritage and the schools network bring an added dimension to our experience of identity and community.

Goal 5: Personal Growth

The Goal of Personal Growth affirms the uniqueness and worth of each individual member of the school community. It aims to provide opportunities for self-development, self-knowledge and personal formation, as well as to encourage the sharing of gifts and talents for the benefit of the community and society as a whole.

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