A Welcome from rachel, OUR Head Girl


Woldingham is an incredibly special community to be a part of. You’re going to have an amazing time here because whatever you’re interested in there’ll be something here for you and someone – be it staff or student – here to support you.

I joined Woldingham in Year 7 and I remember feeling a mixture of ecstatic excitement and anxiety on my very first day. You may be feeling that way too, but I can assure you that you need only hold onto the excitement. Think how amazing it is to become part of a year group full of kind and interesting girls. You’ll make fast friends and, hopefully, you’ll feel a desire to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. That won’t be difficult as the number of extra-curricular activities on offer here at Woldingham is immense! You’re absolutely spoilt for choice with Zumba, Orchestra, Horse Riding, Fencing, Creative Writing, Debating, Cookery and so much more. There’s always discussion among the girls here about new activities that they personally want to put in place, so if by any chance you don’t see something here that takes your fancy (which is highly unlikely), Woldingham is eager to offer new activities based on suggestions – so don’t be afraid to speak up!  Your school years are such an exciting time. You may already have an idea of the kind of person you are now, but Woldingham offers the perfect space for you to explore your interests and discover the person you’d like to become. It’s so important to try new things, so make sure to grab all the opportunities on offer here with both hands, as Mr Peachey would say.

The teachers at Woldingham want to make sure that you are fully aware of your capability and that when you are faced with challenges you say, “I can do this”.  As young women, resilience is such an important quality to have instilled in you from an early age. You’ll need that fighting spirit when you leave Woldingham in order to feel confident to take on the currently male-dominated wider world. So, if you’re feeling particularly nervous about a weakness you think you may have, there’s nothing to worry about as you’ll be met with patience and support, no matter what.

I love Woldingham. It brings me such joy to be able to tell you just how amazing it is and how blessed you’ll be to come here. It’s a wonderful place, full of happy, vibrant and kind individuals, all of whom are sure to add laughter and friendship to your journey through secondary school. My experience at Woldingham is testament to that – I just can’t believe it will soon come to an end!

You’ll feel right at home at Woldingham. I hope you’re feeling happy and excited right now and I can’t wait to meet you!