Flexi-boarding is offered to all students

Please read the points below and then use the link to complete the form to apply for flexi-boarding for your daughter.

  • Flexi-boarders sign up for one or two nights (same nights each week) for a term at a time. The charge for the academic year 2019-20 is £62 per night and this rate will be charged for the term ahead, irrespective of whether the flexi-boarder uses her bed every night that she is signed up for.
  • Flexi-boarding is only offered subject to availability of spare rooms. No guarantees are made that flexi-beds will be available in any given year. A waiting list will operate, with priority given to those who have not had opportunity to flexi-board before.
  • Where possible, flexi-boarders will stay in the same bed/room each week. They can bring a few personal possessions in with them and clothes. If the room is shared by another flexi-boarder on different nights, the girls will share the storage within the room.
  • Beds will be made up by the school and flexi-boarders will not bring in their own bed linen. Bed linen will be cleaned by the school. If two flexi-boarders are sharing the same bed on different nights in the week, Domestic Services will change the bed linen over in the morning.
  • Flexi-boarders will only have access to their bedroom on the nights they are signed up to flexi-board – they will not have free access to the room at other times in the week, even if the room is not used by anyone else.