National Poetry Day Competition

To celebrate National Poetry Day on 4 October, the Library and English Department jointly ran a competition for students to write and submit a poem on the subject of ‘Change’ – this year’s theme.

There were some wonderful, thought-provoking entries and the standard was very high, but in the end our judging panel – consisting of Sixth Form English students, and poetry enthusiasts Sarah, Becky and Taisie – decided on:

Winner – ‘cycle of life, cycle of love’ by Sofia, Year 11.

Highly Commended – ‘A Girl, a Bed, a Sky’ by Charlotte, Year 11​; ‘Summer to Autumn, it’s Time for a Change’ by Maisie-Grace, Year 7 and ‘An English Sari’ by Sophie, Year 10.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you everyone who entered.

Ms Amanda Owens, Library Manager


cycle of life/cycle of love by Sofia

on an island close to India,
where mangoes are sweet and beaches are drenched in late-afternoon gold light,
a couple whom have just made an eternal bond,
whose vows have just slipped off the edge of their lips,
find themselves bound in new love,
or rather a new layer to love,
as they lay tangled, physically and spiritually,
the full moon above them whispering words of encouragement
to the stars, so that something close to magic may occur.

i will tell you, something close to magic did occur,
that night amongst the Indian Ocean,
for the woman of this story found her belly swelling,
heart growing,
when they returned home late October.
her blood is richer,
her body tripping over itself
as it accustoms to a new balance.

it wonders me, this concept of
love translating into new life
it’s beautiful, it’s pure

months go by, as breath nourishes blood nourishes body nourishes life
and together they continue to grow.
change in this process is constant, it’s an evolution
a metamorphosis
until the process is something close to complete
and then the waters flow.

like the waters of the waves that collapsed onto the beach on an island close to India,
except removed of salt and roughness,
these waters collapse after nine months of giving endless support and protection
they come through –
signal of change.
and the woman of this story feels pain
she feels her body motioning her to give
and new life is ready

allow the process
do not resist, do not be chaotic
calm your soul
you are blessed.

she gives.
she gives.
she gives.
and new life comes.
she comes crying
-every human life is founded on emotion-
and for the first time
she breathes alone.
and the woman of this story cries
as she holds this something close to magic to her chest,

because like life gives life to a butterfly,
love gives life to a human
and she thinks back to the night on an island close to India,
when metamorphosis began.
and she whispers a new layer of vows,
feeling them slip off the edges of her lips.
and she thanks God for love
because love has shifted to life
shifted back to love
a process of change with no beginning no end
just an infinite collection of blessings.