The Sixth Form at Woldingham provides students with a unique opportunity to exercise independence and develop personal strengths. Our key aim is to assist each student’s transition into the world of higher education and beyond. We want students to be confident, enquiring and independent young women who aspire to achieve excellence in whatever they do.

Woldingham is a warm and supportive community in which all Sixth Formers are mentored by personal tutors. As young adults, Sixth Formers have greater freedom and adopt much more personal responsibility for their study routines, free time and exeat opportunities. The level of individual tutoring we provide has allowed us to give students this increased freedom.

The Sixth Form is an adult environment where girls are encouraged to communicate more readily with staff and interact with them intellectually during lessons or over a leisurely coffee. The Sixth Form accommodation is purpose-built, modern and designed with the needs of young people in mind.

As we try to stimulate students’ independence and prepare them for life beyond Woldingham, we offer them the chance to hold positions of authority. The Head Girl, her deputies and the team of Ribbons are coveted roles of responsibility. There are many more opportunities for adopting responsibility and leadership in a wide range of areas, including organization of key events such as the annual Sixth Form Ball and Variety Show, and to join various academic and co-curricular committees. In addition some girls, following appropriate training, choose to become ‘big sisters’ to the youngest girls in the school.

There are many opportunities for Sixth Formers to challenge, extend and simply enjoy themselves beyond their academic studies. If students want to try their hand at a new activity, we do our best to facilitate this and encourage them to take the initiative in terms of organisation. The Sixth Form Cultural Society provides students with a multitude of opportunities to stretch themselves culturally and engage with staff, each other and outside speakers in a stimulating and enriching environment. Debating forms the backbone of the Cultural Society, and there are also literary, film and lecture societies. These activities ensure that all of the Sixth Form community benefit from exciting and sometimes controversial discussions. Alongside extensive opportunities within the Sport, Music and Drama departments, Sixth Form students have the opportunity to gain other recognised qualifications such as their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Leith’s cookery qualification and the ASDAN leadership course.

The girls in the Sixth Form are happy, confident and supportive students who are continually developing their personal skills and enjoying life to the full. We are extremely proud of our students and love working with them.