With thanks to Isioma, Vanessa, Milan, Sarah, Charlotte and Rebecca for their
wisdom . . .

What should I pack?
Bring things to personalise your room, like photos, but don’t over-pack! After supper we tend to wear casual clothes or PJs, and obviously we wear our own clothes at the weekend. Bring something quite smart for events like the House Feast. Don’t forget a coat and gloves, and an umbrella and wellies can be useful.
Bring lots of tuck for sharing, but remember that fresh food will go off (and we get plenty of that in the Dining Hall!)
If you play a musical instrument, bring that with you as you can store it safely in school.
And don’t forget your teddy!
Do I need to bring money with me?
You will need cash for the school shop, and coins for the vending machine. Most house events also have little things for sale too, so don’t forget to bring money along to those as well.
You can arrange a bank card either through school or through your parents. This can be useful for weekend trips.
Why do I belong to a House?
Your tutor group is made up from girls in your House. In your house you compete in sporting events, music and quizzes. There is a guy-making competition on Bonfire Night, a Pancake Race and a very noisy Sports Day. The biggest House Event is the House Festival in September, where we make costumes and banners, and sing and dance. Throw yourself into this – it’s so much fun!
Within our Houses we also raise money for Charity through lots of different events, and we have a Mass and Feast each year to celebrate the Patron of our House.
What time do day girls go home?
There is no fixed going home time, although the last minibus to the station goes at 6.30pm. Lessons finish at 4.10, but day girls can always stay for supper and can also sleep over as well. If you need to arrive early you can come in for breakfast.
What is a closed weekend?
A closed weekend is when you stay in school because of a particular commitment. This could be acting as a tour guide at an Open Morning, or for Sports Day.
What happens at the weekends?
There are sports fixtures on Saturday mornings. If you’re not playing in one of these, then you can take part in Saturday Active and try out a whole load of different activities. Day girls can come in and take part too. There are week-end trips out to different places (such as Brighton), Mass takes place on Sunday morning, then you can do your study and take part in other things like cookery or crafts. There is a Wii you can borrow, and TVs in the boarders’ common rooms. On long weekends, when there are no sports fixtures, a big trip goes out to somewhere like Thorpe Park.
What is the food like?
Tasty! Nutritious! Lots of variety! Much better than in other schools!
Can I do more than one activity?
Yes, there are so many to choose from, and a priority system helps you to do lots of different things.
For sport, in the winter and spring term you can play hockey and netball, as well as being in the cross-country and swimming teams. In the summer term, you play rounders, athletics and tennis. Matches are after school on a Wednesday and on Saturday morning; training is usually after school on a Tuesday and a lunchtime during the week. There are lots of other clubs offering different sports, too.
Drama productions happen at least three times a year, and there are also lots of music activities for soloists, ensembles, choirs and orchestras.
Will I get given lots of work to do?
We work hard at school, but the teachers will always help us. Don’t be shy in class! You are in different groups for different subjects, and the amount of study you get depends on which year you are in. You will be given a study timetable when you start, and your tutor will help you organise your time.
What happens if I get lost?
Ask for help – we all got lost when we were in Year 7!
At Woldingham everyone looks out for you when you are new, so you’ll quickly find your way around. Don’t forget to learn the girls’ code for the doors.
Where is your favourite place?
The Marden playground … the lawn up by the swimming pool … the auditorium … the library … the common rooms … the whole Valley!