At Woldingham, Boarders live amongst their own year group. They are cared for by their Housemistress and Head of Year, and are supported by a team of Residential Assistants who work in each house during the evening. The first two steps, through Marden and Main House, foster a real sense of community amongst the girls at Woldingham and set the ground rules essential to school life.

By the Sixth Form, girls take on greater responsibilities and play an even stronger role in shaping the character of Woldingham. Support, care, guidance and a sense of being valued are essential aspects of any family and Woldingham seeks to build a strong sense of these in our community throughout its three-stage Boarding structure.


Parents who live abroad, or expect to be involved in extended visits abroad, must appoint a Guardian before their daughter arrives at Woldingham. Guardians provide important support for Boarders whether by attending school events in the absence of parents or assisting with transport or accommodation needs at the start and end of terms.

The school cannot be involved in the selection or appointment of Guardians but we will be happy to put parents in touch with organisations which provide Guardianship services.

Full details of the responsibilities expected of a Guardian can be obtained from the Registry.

Information for International Students