Café Scientifique: 3D Imaging and Virtual Tumours

Last Thursday, Natalie Holroyd gave a fascinating Café Scientifique talk about the revolutionary work her lab has been doing on 3D imaging and virtual tumours, using Artificial Intelligence. Natalie described the complex process of creating a virtual tumour, which can then be used to predict how a certain drug will affect it and how effective the treatment will be. Her work is a perfect example of how maths, physics, biology, chemistry and computer science can combine to produce cutting-edge technology; this was very inspiring for those of us considering a career in STEM. This important work will ultimately save the NHS money, as drugs can be tested virtually (much more efficient than current methods) before administering them to patients to treat cancer. Natalie shared her upcoming work, including machine learning which will accelerate this process. We hope that we will see this new technology in place in the near future.​

Sparkle and Shivani, Lower Sixth