In recognition of our important legacy as a Sacred Heart School, the Governors of Woldingham School remain committed to broadening access to the School by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees.  We call these ‘Entry Bursaries’.  The School supports the full costs of these bursaries, which means we cannot commit to a set number of bursaries or an amount in any one year.  After paying our operating costs, the Governors will agree an allocation of the remaining funds for this purpose.  Bursary awards are subject to annual financial review and therefore may be varied depending on the review results.

We are committed to providing bursaries on the day tuition fees only each year and are intended for girls who demonstrate strong academic potential and will contribute to, and benefit from, the many opportunities offered by the School and whose family’s financial circumstances would make attending Woldingham School impossible.


1. Please complete a Registration Form for your daughter, deadline 4 October 2019.
2. Parents/guardians who have expressed an interest in a bursary will be sent details of how to apply by the Admissions Department. This bursary form, which forms the key  element of this, is required to establish the detailed financial circumstances of the household.
3. The deadline for financial support applications for September 2020 entry is expected to be no earlier than 4 November 2019. Parents/guardians are urged to submit a fully completed application at the earliest opportunity. Incomplete forms will not be considered.  Woldingham School employs Bursary Administration Limited as an independent third party to conduct the application review on their behalf.
4. Decision letters will be sent from the Director of Finance & Operations by email and/or post by 1 February 2020.

We recognise that sometimes a family’s financial circumstances can change very suddenly, through events like ill health or bereavement. In such cases where there are genuine exceptional circumstances and where a registration for entry to Woldingham is in progress, parents/guardians should contact the DFO who will consider whether a late bursary application can be considered.

Mrs Linda Underwood, Admissions Registrar