Flexiboarding is offered TO Years 7, 8 and 9


Please read the points below and then use the link to complete the form to apply for flexiboarding for your daughter.

  • Flexiboarders sign up for one or two nights (same nights each week) with a commitment for a whole term at a time. The charge is currently £58 per night and this rate will be charged for the term irrespective of whether the flexiboarder uses her bed every night that she is signed up for.
  • A waiting list will operate with priority to those who have not had the opportunity to flexiboard before.
  • When assigning rooms to full boarders, a spare bed will be kept in each room for flexiboarders so that they are in with regular boarders when they stay over, not in a room by themselves.
  • Flexiboarders will stay in the same bed/room each week. They can bring a few personal possessions in with them and clothes. They will share a bedside cabinet; wash bags go to their own cubby hole in the service rooms. Beds will be made up by the school and flexiboarders will not bring in their own bed linen. Bed linen will be cleaned by the school. If two flexiboarders are sharing the same bed on different nights in the week, Domestic Services will change the bed linen over in the morning.


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