Entrance Examinations for 16+ in November

Candidates are examined in two of their chosen A level subjects and will also sit the General Entrance Paper (a critical thinking essay based test).

In terms of GCSE/IGCSE performance, the entry criterion for our Sixth Form is a points average of 6, with A* being 8 points, A being 7 points, B being 6 points, C being 5 points and so on (across the nine or ten subjects taken).  We are sometimes flexible on this requirement if the student in question looks as if she will just miss this average, but has some outstanding qualities in certain areas of the curriculum and is fully prepared to select three A level options which reflect her strengths.

Grade A GCSE/IGCSE or better is required to take subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences or languages to A level.  For humanities subjects it is strongly advised but there is some flexibility.